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Infrared Inspections

It's All About Saving Money

AIT is your thermal imaging specialists for non-destructive preventive maintenance, analysis and monitoring.

We have a proven track record using proven technologies that result in increased production and decreased maintenance and utility costs.

Some of our documented results include:

  • Reduction of electrical operating costs by more than 10%

  • Reduction of electric motor repair costs by more than 50%

  • Reduction of unplanned downtime by more than 70%

The Technologies:

Infrared Thermography
Plants and facilities are discovering that in today’s global economy, they must use every advantage to remain competitive. This competitive edge translates into maximizing the utilization of advanced technologies, including infrared thermography.

Infrared thermal imaging systems are electronic cameras that "see" radiation just as our eyes see visible radiation, or light. This thermal radiation is then converted into electrical energy and processed into a visible image called a thermogram.  Thermography is non-contact, which means it is safe to inspect energized electrical systems or rotating equipment.  We can monitor energized electrical systems without affecting the equipment itself.

The real power of thermography is that it allows us to quickly locate and monitor both maintenance and production problems in real time. Information about thermal signatures helps us understand numerous temperature-related problems. We can then present critical decision-making information in visual format that is easy for everyone to understand. Our sophisticated imaging equipment can capture real time data thereby allowing us to see dynamic thermal patterns of processes.  Additionally, using the power of our computer based analysis system, we can compare and trend the critical changes in thermal patterns that precede equipment failure.

Please contact us for more information or browse our web site to learn more about the applications and benefits of AIT's infrared thermographic inspection services.

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