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Infrared Inspections

Infrared Thermography

Thermal Imaging is currently being used in a wide range of applications.  Applications include industrial maintenance, electrical, mechanical, R&D, roof monitoring, crime prevention, medicine, veterinary, electronic component analysis, military and many others.  Thermal Imaging has proven to be a useful and profitable technology. 

Advanced Integrated Technologies specializes in industrial applications for non-destructive preventive maintenance, analysis and monitoring.  We also perform flat roof monitoring for water leakage and insulation effectiveness.

With today's rising utility costs, you can not survive without these types of monitoring services.

Below are some examples of how thermal imaging is effective in locating problem areas before they become problems:


Electrical Distribution - 480V Connection

Electrical Distribution - 4160V Switch Connection

Electrical Distribution - 12KV Switch Connection

Electrical A-Phase Breaker Connection

Level Control

Furnace Tubes

Electronic Micro Circuits (0.25" square)


For more information on infrared thermography might be applicable to your industry, contact us.

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