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Infrared Inspections


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Infrared Thermography

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Infrared Thermography

Advanced Integrated Technologies can provide a detailed thermal analysis of your on-line equipment and systems through various infrared analysis methods. These methods include real time on-line inspections, videotape, and hardcopy reports.

Infrared thermography can be applied in numerous applications and provide significant operation and maintenance savings. The only requirement is a system or component with a natural or induced temperature difference. Problems can be identified before failure. This eliminates expensive unscheduled production downtime, high maintenance costs and equipment damage, environmental impact, and unnecessary safety exposure. The advantages of an infrared survey are many, and some examples are listed below:

  • Equipment and systems are inspected on-line without production impact. 

  • Critical issues are shown to maintenance personnel immediately, without having to wait for a report. 

  • Potential failures are easily located and unscheduled and unplanned downtime is prevented. 

  • Infrared data correlates with other technologies including vibration analysis, ultrasound, and motor testing. 

  • Large and hard to reach areas can be scanned quickly without the need for scaffolding or ladders. 

  • Inspection results are documented in a complete report easily interpreted by your personnel.

  • The reports are issued in the format easiest for you: hardcopy, videotape, ZIP disk, and CD-ROM

Learn how infrared thermographic inspection services  can help your company and start experiencing the benefits for yourself - contact us today.

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